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*مكينة ستليث برت الأسود خاصة للتحديد والتخفيف بأربعة امشاط درجات بلاستيك 1/2/3/4 والرأس الأساسية قابلة للفتح للتنظيف وغيرها



تشتغل بالشحن والكهرباء

تشحن خلال 60 دقيقة وتدوم حتى 75 دقيقة

البطارية ليثيوم ايون

WAHL Beret Chrome Trimmer

[Available from 28-11]

The Beret Chrome Trimmer has a highly efficient and durable Lithium-Ion battery, no-memory effect with fast-loading function. This trimmer has an operating time of 75 minutes at a 60-minute charging time! Compared to NiMH batteries, the Beret Pro Li + loses no energy when its not being used

In addition, the Beret Chrome Trimmer has a sleek chrome design and finish. Super slim, super silent and light in weight, makes this trimmer very nice to work with for longer shaving sessions.The chrome cutting blade includes a quick-change system and makes it ideal for trim and alignment work.

  • Super close cut
  • Effective light applied pressure
  • Ultra silent
  • Facial hair and detail design
  • Useable with cord or cordless
  • Easy cutting blade quick-change system
  • Attachment combs: 3, 6, 10 and 13 mm

  • ١١٦٫١٠ $

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